The Spikester Man Loves Water Feature in Back Yard At Casa de Canterbury

(Hint: This is Our BEFORE Picture)

Pretty had a day off this weekend so we were all having a Day of Leisure at Casa de Canterbury on Saturday afternoon when the Wrath of God was visited upon us – or something like that anyway.   Pretty was reading a book preparing to take a nap in our king-sized bed and the old woman Slow was in her office doing who knows what.   Paw Licker Annie was resting on one of her countless beds on the floor in the bedroom and Smokey Lonesome Ollie was asleep on the bed next to Pretty.   Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea was downstairs on the sofa which is where she likes to be on a relaxing afternoon.   Spike was in the office with Slow and Yours Truly was stretched out on a rug outside the bedroom beneath the soothing breeze of the ceiling fan which was blowing  perfect puffs of air for the Walter Mitty moments I was having.   The time was approximately 1:00 p.m.

BOOM!! And just like that the serenity of our lives was interrupted by a loud noise and then total silence and darkness.   The first thing I noticed was the ceiling fan moving slower and slower and slower until it finally stopped.   Shit house mouse.  Of course Slow sprang into action and went running down the steps to head for the breaker box and I could hear her flipping those switches on and off a hundred times.   Nothing.  She and Pretty were hollering back and forth at each other about the situation and then I saw Slow go out on the front porch and look down the street to check out the neighbors’ houses.   That’s what she invariably does in an emergency.   I guess she wants to see if there’s been like a Rapture or Some Other Big Event and we’re the only ones left.   As she came back inside to report Canterbury Road appeared unscathed, Pretty herself came downstairs to assess our plight and The Pack all came downstairs with her.  When Pretty decides we have an emergency, we know it’s Trouble Time.   Had anyone bothered to look in the Back yard, Pretty wanted to know.

 Uh, Oh…Houston, We Have A Problem

Three Hours and Three Telephone Calls Later

Seriously Dude, You Fell on Our Water Feature

Smokey Lonesome Ollie Was Pissed – And Did

Just Because You Get Your Lights Back On Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Have Cable

So, no tv…no internet…just blank screens everywhere I looked.   For days I’m telling you…endless days without my Comfort TV shows.   Okay, so it was only two days…but they seemed like an eternity.   Time passes very slowly without Law and Order, if you catch my drift.

All’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of saying and we are up and running again at Casa de Canterbury.  The water feature has been repaired and the large chunk of tree removed thanks to the efforts of our Favorite Amigos who can fix anything on a moment’s notice.   The Cable Company came this a.m. and connected us back to the small screens and cyberspace so we are practically our normal selves at Casa de Canterbury.

Well, Sports Fans, here’s hoping you have a great week wherever you are and if you hear a loud BOOM, run for cover!

Get me outta here, Percy…it’s late and I’m a wreck…