All of us at Casa de Canterbury share the sadness of the Peeps and Pups who grieve around the world this day as an Act of Atrocity took place in a movie theater in Colorado early this morning.  The Red Man has a heavy heart today.

I saw this picture of one of the Lost Ones and knew she was a good person because Beagles don’t love just anybody.

Now I’m thinking of all the Pups who will wait and wait for their Peeps to come home and they won’t be coming home tonight so we are sending our warmest wishes for treats to console you and love to surround you from other friends who will care for you during these dark days.

As the Commander-in-Chief Peep said today, life is fragile.  The Red Man adds that random crazy runs rampant in the streets so take care, Amigos and be good to those you love this weekend…will catch you later on…