Don’t you for a minute think Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is going out with a whimper…nosirree, nosirree.   She’s leaving us on a high note and going out with a bang!

The Red Man fears for the ratings of TNT without The Closer in their lineup, but I’ve begged Chief Johnson to stay as you all know from my previous correspondence with her and she decided to follow her heart and say Adios which is Spanish for farewell.   Fare thee well and if forever, still forever, fare thee well, Chief Johnson and we are all the worse for it.

Can it be true we have only THREE MORE EPISODES?   Sweet Jesus.

In The Middle Of Solving Last Night’s Case – This Is No Peace Sign

If You Don’t Tell Me The Truth, You Will Be Severely Punished By Me Personally

Now See There – You Are Very Bad And I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Cooperate With Me

Case Closed – Bad Guys Arrested And We All Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Thank Yew Very Much

Until we meet again next Monday night, Chief Johnson…may the gods of justice ride with you as you prepare to sail off into the sunset…