Oscar Albeiro Figueroa  Mosquera of Colombia Wins Silver Medal in Weightlifting

Okay, so I’m new to a few sports so pardon my ignorance when it rears its ugly head.   For example, any sport which has events called Snatch and Clean and Jerk must be quite a fun sight, if you catch my drift so I paused temporarily in my Olympic Day Three to observe the finals for weightlifting.   I’m also not used to Kilos so I had to do the American thing and convert that 177 Kilos Oscar tossed over his head  to good ol’ pounds.   Yikes – this dude just cleaned and jerked off almost 400 pounds!   Are you frigging kidding me?   Wow – The Red Man is uber impressed with this Macho Man.   Paw Snaps to you, Oscar, and congrats on the silver medal.

Jie Zhang of China Tried So Hard

But in the end – close but no cigar and no medal. The agony of defeat.

Of course, the old woman Slow and Pretty wanted to watch Olympic Tennis.   Yawn.   We just finished two weeks of Wimbledon and here we are back at the All England Club for yet MORE tennis.   Shit house mouse.

The Williams Sisters who are no relation to Pretty who has their same last name took care of business against the doubles partners from Romania.   Sorana Cirstea and Simona Halep had their hands full, let me tell you and the Sisters rolled through like a freight train.

Thinking About Serving To…

Venus Williams?  Think Again.

And while we’re talking tennis, take a look at this:

Olympic Table Tennis or as we say in the States, Ping Pong

The Red Man had to leave this one when China and Austria were tied at 1 game each.   Paw Licker Annie and I took a break.

Nature Calls Paw Licker Annie to the great outdoors

Well, Sports Fans, that’s it for Day Three of the games of the XXX Olympiad from our bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury.   So far we’ve seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the competitions but you gotta love the attitudes of the Pathletes.   They give it 110% as Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochtie said today after he didn’t win a medal when he was supposed to.   That’s all you can ask after all.

Get me outta here Percy…I feel like howling tonight…