Hi, I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and this is my friend Clark Kent

We Swim for Team USA

Hey, this guy’s not even remotely kin to Arnold Schwarzenegger, is he?  Hmm…I wonder.

Nah, and I’m afraid this other guy’s  not Clark Kent either

Seriously, Dude – she’s looking for SHORT answers

So here’s a Shoutout to the French team for winning the gold medal in the 400 meter relay – par lay voo to you Fast Frenchmen.   And congratulations to Team USA for the silver medal and for looking so macho in your swimsuits, too.   The Red Man envies your biceps and triceps and all of your ceps, but Whoa Nellie…hold your horses, Beach Volleyball is hard to beat, if you catch my drift…

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

Love That Ball

So the Argentinian team of Gallay and Zonta lost the preliminary round to Team USA’s Kessy and Ross who are better known as the Women of Troy since they came from USC which in this case means the University of Southern California and not our very own University of South Carolina, but The Red Man says Thank Yew Very Much to Argentina for sending these fine young Pathletes to London and we wish them all the best.   Shit house mouse – let’s face it – they were HOT and gritty from all that sand and we liked their SPUNK.

Well, I’m exhausted from Day Two of the Olympics in London.   Pretty and Slow got me so nervous tonight during the replay of the women’s gymnastics while those girls were prancing around on that narrow beam hanging on for dear life with their TOES, for God’s sake.   The sad thing is we all knew before we watched how things were going to turn out but that didn’t matter one bit.   Pretty can’t even look and Slow tries to coach from the sidelines.   Tomorrow she’ll be the Monday morning quarterback for the entire Olympics.   Geez Louise.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to recuperate before Day Three…stay tuned, Sports Fans.