No Mystery Here Really – Fabulously Fierce Five Kicked Ass And Won Gold!!

Hey, time to smack your granny and kiss our grits ’cause we got us some Olympic Champions up in here across the Pond in the good ol’ US of A.   Yessirree, Jubilation T. Cornpone, old Toot-Your-Own-Horn-Pone —  these gals who jump and fly and dance and bounce around and swing and land on their feet from way up in the air while they wave their arms gracefully and who smile when they’re happy and weep when they’re sad rose up from the ashes like the Champions they are and whipped some serious ass in London on Day Four of the Games of the XXX Olympiad.  The second place Russians weren’t even close.   The Red Man says Paw Snaps to the Victors who deserve the spoils they will undoubtedly receive.

Aly and Jordy say Take That You Gods of Terror and Fear and Self Doubt – We Beat You!

Gabby says I Can Fly Like an Eagle and Nobody Can Stop Me Today!

Don’t Mess with Us Today, Baby – We Got It Going On

Aly Raisman’s Parents Were A Wreck

Gabby Douglas’s Mom Sat Transfixed

Jordyn Wieber’s Mom Held Her Breath

But, In The End, these Olympians Held Center Stage

You Go, Girls – You’re On Top of the World Looking Down on Creation Tonight!!

Get me outta here Percy…I have to rant about more Day Four events, but I’ll do that later on…we party at Casa de Canterbury tonight!!