So Pretty gave up on the Olympics tonight and relied on season two of Friday Night Lights for her entertainment and of course the old woman Slow goes along with Pretty but we still managed to have the Ansel Adams of tv photography capture a few moments from the London games for us today.   You know Slow.  She stays on task.

Angel McCoughtry – Hey, I’m Thinkin’ You Disrespect Us

Yeah, in case you were wondering they’re still playing other women’s games across the Pond and basketball is a little under the radar this year in the Olympics.  Team USA played Turkey in ongoing preliminaries with a solid win of 89-58 Wednesday and Angel McCoughtry came off the bench to score 18 points and boost her teammates’ level of enthusiasm.   Don’t worry basketball Pathletes – your time to shine is on the horizon and The Red Man is with you all the way.

And speaking of basketball, the men’s Team USA played Tuesday and had a good showing against an underPeeped Tunisia.   After the game, one of the Tunisian Pathletes shook hands with Kobe Bryant and then asked him to autograph his sneaker.  Kobe was a good sport and was happy to sign off on the shoe.

Kobe and a fellow Olympian from Tunisia after preliminary game

Yeah, so this is why we watch the games…you never know when you’ll catch a glimpse of heroes in one of their heroic moments..   Slow wiped a tear on that one and she wiped another one for John Orozco and his mother.

John Orozco had a rough Olympics but The Red Man still thinks he’s a Winner going home with millions of new friends all over the world

Paw Licker Annie on the other hand couldn’t watch

Nathan Adrian all smiles after winning gold in 100 meter freestyle

Paw Snaps out to you, Nathan!

Australian  Taylor Worth’s a Straight Shooter and defeats Team USA’s high hopes for Brady Ellison

The Red Man congratulates you Taylor on some fine bulls eyes…holy waltzing matilda, if I only had thumbs…

Germany had a good showing in rowing final – should be contender for medal

Fans at Casa de Canterbury Bleacher Seats appear disinterested

Nuria Diosdado and Isabel Delgado 

Mexico’s Synchronized Divers Prepare  for Routine –

The Red Man calls this event the Terror Twirls

Mexico’s Moving On to Finals and Girls are Muy Feliz which is Spanish for Very Happy

Well, Olympic Sports Fans, we think you deserve a medal for hangin’  in with us for our Olympic coverage which we admit is less than thorough, somewhat biased, occasionally inaccurate and mostly vicarious.   Nobody’s perfect.

Get me outta here Percy…they say confession is good for the soul, but I’m not feelin’ it …