Where do we look when we’re holding these flowers?

Paw Snaps to Team USA for your Gold Medal in Women’s Eight!

(Canada takes Silver and The Netherlands wins Bronze – great paddling, girls – may be a useful skill later!)

I’m Looking at History!

Paw Snaps and Big Barks to Rebecca Soni for your Gold Medal in 200 Meter Breaststroke

First woman in Olympic History to repeat Gold in this event – The Red Man says You Rock!

I’m looking at my future and my family’s future

Olympian Gabby Douglas before Gold Medal Performance

I see my baby’s heart – and watch her get up after every fall

Natalie Hawkins, Gabby Douglas’s Mom

I see that the old woman Slow was too lazy to take me for my walk today

The Spikester Man in Casa de Canterbury bleachers

I’m keeping an eye on that beam – I swear it moves sometimes

Paw Snaps and Spins and Big Barks to Viktoria Komova for the Silver Medal in Overall Women’s Gymnastics

That beam may have been moving, but you hung on for dear life with your Fabulous Feet, Missy Prissy.

The Red Man is jealous of your toes and their ability to cling to the beam and is also a Big Fan of your baby blues.  You had an amazing day for your Silver Medal for Russia – we salute you – and your mother, too!

I promise you if that coach tries to touch me again, I will kill him

Paw Snaps and Spins for Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina for the Bronze Medal  on Day Six!

The Red Man thinks you have Spunk and we love us some Spunk up in here at Casa de Canterbury

Yes, I know I won Bronze in the Backstroke and Silver in the Medley, but are you looking for a relationship?

Paw Snaps and Big Barks to Ryan Lochte for Two Medals in the Pool across the Pond!

Is this for real?   You mean I won the Gold Medal???

Paw Snaps and Big Barks to Tyler Clary for the Gold Medal in 200 Meter Backstroke!

 You’re the Man, Dude!

Wow – Number 20 – and it was gold –  and I did it all by myself

Casa de Canterbury sends a 21-Gun Salute to Michael Phelps –  the Best of the Best!

The Red Man vows to eat more Subway sandwiches

The Gold Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas

Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave o’er the land of the free…

I’m looking at my heritage, my history and my heroes who went before me.

Pretty and Slow and the Pack at Casa de Canterbury applaud the first African American gymnast to win an

individual Gold Medal  – we are jumping up and down for you in the bleachers here at home!!

Get me outta here, Percy…does it get any better than this?   Stay tuned, Olympic Sports Fans…