Hey there Sports Fans, The Red Man finds a predictable letdown after the euphoria of the gymnastics and swimming events in Day Six and frankly, my dears, the aficionados which is Spanish for fans at Casa de Canterbury didn’t give a damn about the Day Seven Events.   We were emotionally exhuasted.

The Spikester Man and Paw Licker Annie with Pretty

As a matter of fact when Pretty left to go to work at the Mast General Store downtown, the Pack came out to say goodbye and wish her a Banner Day in candy sales from the candy barrels plus all the other delicious goodies Pretty sells in her department at the GS.   RC Colas and Moon Pies are always a big hit.   And if you’re looking for Grits, look no further than the Mast.   Yummy.   Once upon a time The Red Man visited Pretty at her GS where Pups are Preferred Customers, let me tell you.   They rolled out the Mast Red Carpet for The Red Man.  Those were the good ol’ days Pre-Olympics.

The Red Man and Paw Licker Annie

Goodbye, Pretty – See You Tonight

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea

Goodbye, Pretty – we love you

So hmmmmm….what’s the least likely event to wreck our nerves?   Paw Snaps!  I know!   Of course, it’s TENNIS.  Let’s switch gears and take a break from High Drama and watch us some BORING Pathletes hit the yellow ball back and forth across a shorter than volleyball net.   Plus Chelsea will be thrilled since it’s her favorite sport.   Makes sense to moi.

Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro Carry Each Other Off the Court

Geez Louise.   Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me???   Turns out this was a match of Olympic proportions, if you catch my drift.   They split sets and then, since there’s no third-set tiebreaker in the Olympics, they have to play 36 Games before Federer wins 19 to 17 in the third.   It was the longest match in Olympic history and the longest set of Federer’s entire career which must be like about a gazillion sets and the air at Casa de Canterbury was intense to the 10th power.   Pretty loves Roger and was trying to watch until the match was over, but she had to leave and go to work and the old woman Slow called her when it was FINALLY over to let her know Sir Roger won.   Sweet Jesus.

British Fan Who’s Really in the Stands When Murray Defeats Djokovic

Not this much show of emotion from the Brits since the Allies won WWII

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic after their match

But NO, the theatrics were just beginning with the yellow balls because the Home Boy in the ‘Hood Andy Murray beat the higher seed Novak Djokovic who appears to have lost his Modjo Magic and rejoined the mortals after his year of invincibility on the courts in 2011.   Happy Days Are Here Again for the Brits with Andy headed to the Gold Medal Match and God help London if he should de-throne Roger…The Red Man issues a tsunami warning for the British Isles if that happens.   Stay tuned…

Get me outta here Percy…this Tryin’ to Catch a Break is killing me