Gregory Bauge of France and Jason Kenny of Great Britain

Men’s Sprint Cycling

By the time they hit the home stretch, they were pushing 45 mph on those bikes

Jason Kenny won the Gold Medal for GBR with the Frenchman Bauge finishing with the Silver.   They peddled those bikes like the Hounds of the Baskervilles were hot on their tails let me tell you and the London Velodrome rocked with the ecstatic Brits in the stands waving their Union Jacks.   No wonder.   The Home Boys took 5 Gold Medals to their ‘Hood  – five out of seven in riding bikes.   Not too shabby.  The Bronze Medal went to the gutsy Aussie Shane Perkins.  Peddlin’ Pathletes one and all.

Aussie Shane Perkins Wins Bronze Medal

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps And Twirls to the Best of the Peddlin’ Pathletes

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch a Whole Lotta Kickin’ Goin’ On

Canada and USA Women in Semi-Finals for Soccer Medals

Yee Haw – mucho which is Spanish for much excitement on the soccer playing fields between a couple of North American neighbors for a spot in the Gold Medal match against Japan Thursday.   And Whoa Nellie, looks like the neighbors weren’t feeling too neighborly after the USA won 4 – 3 in a thriller kick-out.   Plenty of trash talk in the air so The Red Man sends Paw Snaps  to both teams and wishes them good luck in the Medal Final Kick-a-Rounds.   These Soccer Pathletes mean business, don’t they?   Geez Louise.

Remember This Pathlete?

Aliya Mustafina from Russia Wins Gold in Uneven Bars Individual Event

Huge Paw Snaps and Twirls from The Red Man

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!   You Won With Style

Elizabeth Tweddle

GBR brought home the Bronze on the Bars and the Brits Beamed

The Silved Medal in the Uneven Bars went to He Kexin of China and The Red Man sends out  Paw Snaps and Twirls and Barks to all the women in the final round – shit house mouse – you girls were flyin’ on those bars…Pretty and the old woman Slow can’t even watch.   They are a nervous wreck during gymnastics.

So over on the track across London town a Pathlete from Granada won a Gold Medal for his country and it was the first in their history so it was extra special for them  – and for him.

Kirani James Wins Gold in 400 Meter Race

The Red Man Salutes You as a Super Fast Runner and a First Class World Citizen

Whoever taught you the meaning of sportsmanship is an Olympic Hero too

And the final highlight of Day 10 for the fans at Casa de Canterbury was a Pathlete who didn’t win a Medal at all, but we took a vote and it was unanimous with the exception of Spike because he didn’t get a vote since he hasn’t been a resident long enough.     Our Olympic Gold Medal goes to Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria for his competing in the finals of the Still Rings which is this Geneva sanctioned form of torture for the men in gymnastics.   Seriously, Dude…how do you do it?

Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria on his dismount from the Still Rings

And no, this isn’t exactly what the judges are looking for in a dismount from a Still Rings performance, but The Red Man salutes the silver-haried 39 year old Olympian for giving it a go when he had a “halfway broken wrist and torn bicep,” according to his comments in an interview with a Real Reporter.   Hell, this Pathlete is almost as old as Smokey Lonesome Ollie in Dog Years and for sure has the same color hair.   Enormous Paw Snaps to the oldest man competing in gymnastics in the London Olympics which are BTW  his SIXTH Olympics!

Ridin’, Runnin’, Kickin’, Bars and Rings – sounds like London is havin’ a Big Ol’ Rodeo to moi…

Get me outta here Percy…I have miles to go before I sleep evidently…