Dear Red,

I gather from the tone of your letter that you are upset with Pretty and me for not including you in our road trip to the northeast this week, and we both are very sorry we weren’t able to bring you along.   In the spirit of good will and family harmony I will continue to send any tidbits I feel you might want to see, ok?  For example, we took a Cliff Walk behind enormous mansions in Newport, Rhode Island and they evidently knew you and didn’t want you to visit.   How awkward would that have been? 🙂

Sign on fence surrounding one of the properties on the Cliff Walk

Newport, Rhode Island

The downtown area of Newport was very Pup-Friendly, though.  This store would’ve been happy to have you come by.  Pretty and I went inside to find you a gift to bring home as a peace offering if you promise to be a good boy until we see you.

Downtown Newport, Rhode Island

 Rich Dog on Vacation in Newport

Poor Dog Needing to Pee

Fall River, Massachusetts

Fall River was the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden who was acquitted from three charges of murder in the axe murders of her father and step-mother in 1892.   Pretty Two wanted to see her home so we stopped in Fall River and went to tour her house at 92 Borden Street.  A bit creepy.

Pretty, Son #One and Pretty Two listen intently to tour guide

Lizzie Borden House, Fall River

By the time we reached our next stop at the John Adams Houses in Quincy, Massachusetts, we all pretty well agreed Lizzie got away with murder.

Dog House next to Carriage House at John Adams Peacefield Home

Quincy, Massachusetts

I think you will be so pleased to know that even national parks for historic residences of former Peep Presidents have dog houses.  You probably wouldn’t want to live in one yourself, though, would you?

And finally, I’ll close with one of my personal favorite pictures of me in a literary pose in Hartford, Massachusetts at the Mark Twain historical site.   I’m sure you will like it!

I was so thrilled to be at the home of one of the greatest American humorists of all time.  I felt like I was walking on hallowed ground.

We’ll be home before you know it.  Hope your week has been a fun one with your new friend Asta!  Pretty sends her pets to you.

       All my love,