Earth to the old woman Slow:  You’re telling me that I just spent eight days in Hell with a crazy little wound up tighter than a drum Bitch named Asta while you and Pretty and Son #1 and Pretty Two went wandering off all around the country doing God knows what  and you come home with a picture of an Antique Mall in Boston plus a  Super Duper Bonus picture of a dead Commander in Peep’s daughter playing with her Pup in an old Authentic Home Movie that you saw in something called a Presidential Library??

We Speak For Those Who Can’t

Outside Wall of Cambridge Antiques

Caroline Kennedy with her mother and her puppy

Home movie shown in JFK Presidential Library in Boston

Seriously, are you friggin’ kiddin’ me??   WHERE ARE MY PRESENTS??   What part of ask not what The Red Man can do for you but rather what you can do for The Red Man don’t you understand??   Shit house mouse.   I am so over you, you daffy old twit.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to find Pretty and catch up on my Pretty Pets before I blow my stack.  Adios, Amigos…catch me later on when I’m my customary congenial self.