Extra Extra Read All About It – The Red Man Escapes once again from the old woman Slow and Pretty and all hell breaks loose this afternoon as a massive Search Party was formed and immediately pressed into action!!

Heh, heh…yes, Sports Fans…Yours Truly the Old Houdini Himself worked his disappearing act as the Peeps scattered and came running.   Seriously RUNNING.   And give it to the Dog Walker Peep for her Speed.   She is the first girl EVER to catch The Red Man when he’s at full speed and boogeying on down the road like he was today.   You have to pick your moments and who am I to argue with the Fickle Finger of Fate when an opportunity presents itself and this one was Golden.

Slow was muy occupado which is Spanish for very busy with the Two Amigos and One Amiga who are always around whenever there’s a Major Household Project going on and she was outside in the garage with them while Pretty took to her bed with the vapors and the Dog Walker Peep showed up unexpectedly to whisk us away for our exercise program which has been sorely lacking lately.   Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and the Spikester were the first ones to go with her and Paw Licker Annie and Smokey Lonesome Ollie and moi were the next cozy threesome on our leashes.

Everything went as well as could be expected on our outing and I have to say I was relieved to be out of the house for a different scene.    But when we made the turn for our home stretch on Canterbury Road,  a small ball of fur came flying out of nowhere and started barking and running around and creating Major Drama and general chaos among the three of us and the next thing I knew I had shaken off my blue halter and was outta there Baby…The Red Man was G-O-N-E!  That little ball of fur took off ahead of me and I was hot on his heels!   Let Freedom Ring!

Well, the DWPeep ran up the steps with Ollie and Annie and was yelling at the top of her lungs for Help and I heard Pretty hollering for Slow at the top of her lungs and then I heard Slow all wigged and shouting as she came flying back inside from the garage exclaiming  what was wrong had somebody died and that’s the last I heard as I rounded the curve across Manning chasing the ball of fur and he headed for Gonzales Gardens which it turns out wasn’t exactly what I’d expected but it didn’t really matter anyway because I could hear the DWPeep gaining ground on me.   Shit house mouse.  Turns out Young Lesbians who work out regularly can FLY when they’re on a mission.

Then the next thing I knew I looked back and saw Pretty in the Toyota 4 Runner driving behind the DWPeep so I knew my goose was cooked and I was exhausted anyway and I didn’t know a soul in Gonzales Gardens where all the buildings looked alike and tons of people were staring at the little parade we made up in their ‘Hood.   Off in the distance I could hear the sounds of the old woman Slow calling my name Red Red where are you Red in her Panic Voice and I knew she was finally on the move too so I might as well throw up the white flag.   Whoosh Whoosh and it was over just like that.   The DWPeep grabbed me from behind and Pretty drove up and I opted to voluntarily jump for safety to Pretty’s waiting arms.   In the meantime, the DWPeep turned to try to capture the ball of fur since she was on a roll with catching dogs while little children kept telling her that was THEIR dog but she ignored them until one of the doors opened in a red brick building and the tiny ball of fur vanished inside.  Uh oh.   Time to move on.

So all’s well that ends well, as I am fond of saying and Pretty drove me and the DWPeep to Casa de Canterbury and I died laughing as I tried to tell the rest of the Pack about my adventure.   They were pretending to be amused but not so much.  My escapades tend to make the Pack very nervous.  At any rate,  Slow and her Amiga came driving up a little while later because Pretty forgot to call her and tell her I was back.   That Pretty – you gotta love her.

I have to say I’m one tired Welsh terrier tonight and I need to catch a few zzz’s  so get me outta here Percy.   Moral of the story is be careful who you run after – you must might end up getting caught yourself.