Well, well, well…what’s up Doc??   The old woman Slow’s countin’ her pills and packin’ those little clear plastic storage containers she always takes when we head to Texas  so I’m thinkin’  the winds of change are blowing through Casa de Canterbury and I’m not just talkin’ about Hurrican Isaac, if you catch my drift.

All I can say is I’m lookin’good and ready to hit the road.   Paw Licker Annie and Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Yours Truly went for our Day of Beauty yesterday at the Fluff n’ Puff Poodle Parlor and Mary had us spiffed up and lookin’ fine.   Check it out.

Wow – Can you believe how perfect that fall scarf color works for me?

Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Paw Licker Annie look all right too but not quite up to Red Man standards and why are they always facing AWAY from moi?

So Sports Fans I’m not sure when we’re leavin’ and I guess The Spikester will go back with us to Texas since he didn’t really turn out to be a city dog so stay tuned for travel advisories and updates.   Hmm…I wonder if Pretty’s comin’ with us.   I don’t see her suitcase anywhere.   The thought of leavin’ Pretty behind isn’t a happy one, but I gotta go where the old woman takes me.  The Wayward Wind is a Restless Wind – a Restless Western Wind that’s made to wander and I was born the best of friends…the best of friends with the Wayward Wind.   Thank you Frankie Laine for that blast from the past.

At least Pretty had a day off from the Mast General Store today and off she and the old woman Slow went to play cards at Casa de War Eagle Nan’s with their high stakes card game.  Woohoo – wonder if they ever win…doubtful.

Are these Peeps PRAYING or countin’ out Big Money?

Whatever they’re doin’ Pretty’s havin’ fun – that’s Pretty for you

Get me outta here Percy – I have to go check the Weather Channel for the Hurricane updates – I’m hopin’ for the best for all my Amigos along the Gulf Coast tonight…the one thing you can count on is a Hurricane never lasts forever although this one may seem like it so take care of yourselves and be safe.