Happy Labor Day, Amigos,  from deep in the heart of Texas on Worsham Street…The Red Man has returned to the ‘Hood!

Worsham Street Looking South from the North

House Across Worsham Street from our Casa de Texas

(Belongs to one of the Little Women of Worsham)

Yep Sports Fans a Little Woman of Worsham Street flew up to South Carolina last week and we saddled up the old Dodge Dakota which has definitely seen better days and drove a thousand miles to get back to Texas.   We always look like the Grapes of Wrath Peeps when we load up the truck bed with the old woman Slow’s suitcases and plastic storage containers that contain a gazillion pieces of worthless paper we shuffle back and forth between two states like a boomerang you throw as far as you can and it pops right back where you threw it from.   Shit house mouse.

Spikearoo made the cut and rode with me and Slow so we are adjusting our city selves to the country life today and all I can tell you is Texas hasn’t changed one bit from the last time I was here.   It’s hot as hell but the ‘Hood looks as good as ever and the old home place seemed glad to see us.

Old Home Place

So much goin’ on with Football Season starting off with a close call for the Gamecocks against the Very Smart Vanderbilt team in Nashville which is the Country Music Capital of the World and Pretty was thrilled for the Cocks to win and we all miss Pretty so bad because she gives the best Pretty Pets.   Sigh.  What will we do without Pretty?

Well Sports Fans, ya’ll come on down to see us, ya hear?   To quote an Alan Jackson tune I heard tonight on our favorite Country Legends radio station I’ve been sent to spread the Message — Umm…God bless Texas!

If you have Monday off for the American Labor Day Holiday, good for you.   If you don’t, make up your own version and skip work.  The Red Man will write you a note if you need one.

Get me outta here Percy.  There’s a full moon in Texas and I’m in the mood to bark at it.