There’s so much happening this week and I’m not sure if it’s because we came to Texas or just what, but we’ve been overwhelmed by our own rollercoasters of activities on Worsham Street.   Here we are ten days into the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York City and The Red Man’s  had no time to cover the action.   Pretty’s Favorite Federer is out in the quarterfinals with a loss to Tomas Berdych,  the old woman Slow’s Main Man Rafa Nadal didn’t even play at all and Andy Roddick the last American Man Tennis Hero  Standing has retired following a loss to Juan Martin Del Potro in the quarters.   Roddick turned his 30th birthday party into a retirement party, and so we say let the good times roll on for you Andy.   You gave us some Memorable Moments!

Andy Roddick looks relaxed in his final match

Passionate to the End

The Red Man says Goodbye  to one of the Good Guys

And of course, Slow and Pretty have been keeping the texting wires hot at night during the Dems’ Conventioneering in Charlotte this week.   They oohed and aahed together over Michelle Obama Tuesday night and Bill Clinton’s speech last night that seemed to go on and on forever, if you ask me, but of course no one’s asking moi.   I could almost see Slow drool with every text she sent to Pretty and I could just imagine Pretty salivating right back across the telephone wires.   Geez Louise.   Those two are a matched pair, aren’t they?   At any rate, my own personal favorite speaker was Lilly Ledbetter, the good ol’ Alabama gal who spoke my language.   Short and sweet.  She must surely be as old as the old woman Slow but not as old as Granny Selma was when she died and may GS rest in peace, BTW.

Lilly Ledbetter looks like she means business

Lilly said she worked for twenty years at a plant in Alabama and one day she found out she’d been making less money than the men doing the same job at the plant all those years.   Well, that pissed her off to no end and she sued somebody to get her money that she felt like she should have and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court and those Peeps said she couldn’t get her money because she should have figured out the problemo which is Spanish for problem during the first six months it was going on.   Hello.   Even The Red Man knows that ain’t right.   How are you supposed to know something that you’re not supposed to know because it’s a SECRET?  Unless of course you are a detective like Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson of the LAPD.  Get Real.  But now Lilly’s got herself a whole new law named after her which makes it illegal to not pay the Female Peeps the same money for the same work.   Thank you Lilly for keeping on keeping on when you could have quit and not cared but you did and you didn’t.  Oh, yeah and thanks for keeping your speech short, too.

The Red Man and Spikearoo in West Montgomery County Park Today

So all’s well that ends well as you know I’m fond of sayin’ Sports Fans and Slow took us for a Ramble in the Park this a.m.   Sweet Jesus – it was HOT…

How HOT was it?

It was SO HOT we figured out how to run away and ran BACK to the Truck!

Get me outta here Percy…I need to take a refreshing nap in the shade…