It’s An Olympic Occasion!!

The Red Man has received messages of congratulations from an assortment of his Fabulous Fans and Followers from around the world…

Madonna Sang Shine On Me Sunshine, Walk With Me World

(It’s a Skippity-do-dah Anniversary Day and WE PARTY!)

Doggie Oscars Awarded The Red Man An Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

(Well, maybe not a LIFETIME Achievement Award and possibly no award at all but I’m sure they meant to)

Rafa Nadal Said He’s Always Considered The Red Man To Be An Internet Icon

(Back at you, O Elvis Presley Look-Alike of Living Tennis Legends)

Tina Fey and Jane Lynch Can’t Believe It’s Been Two Years But What The Hell – They Party!

(And the girls have the gowns to add some glamour)

Meryl Was Almost Tearful When She Sang Happy Anniversary To Moi

(Always the drama queen- Mama Mia!)

Oh, Fritzy, can you believe The Red Man has been with us for Two Years??!!

(Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson wants to force The Red Man to confess what he did BEFORE his Rants and Raves, Thank Yew Very Much!)

The Old Bald Coach Begs The Red Man To Help Him With His Cocks

(Uh, sorry Coach – your Cocks must stand up for themselves!)

Aly And Jordy Party With The Red Man!

(Thanks for the memories, Team USA – You Rocked The Red Man!)

Well Sports Fans and Amigos in cyberspace – here’s lookin’ at you and thanks again for hangin’ with us through the good times and the bad times of our adventures at Casa de Canterbury and the Worsham Street  ‘Hood for the past two years.   The Red Man lives the Good Life except for occasional interruptions by Smokey Lonesome Ollie, Paw Licker Annie, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, Spikearoo and of course the old woman Slow.

But when times get tough up in here, we know where to turn…

Pretty Pets Are The Cure For Whatever Ails You

Get me outta here Percy, this champagne makes me feel like a Doggie on the Edge… play me some Abba and let’s HOWL!!