If You Can’t Be With The One You Love, Honey,

Love The One You’re With

Well Amigos, you can see we’re kinda laid back tonight while the old woman Slow putters around the house as only she can do to waste time.   God knows I’ve never seen anyone with the capacity to DO NOTHING and be so busy about it.   Geez Louise.   Somebody Stop Her if you can.  She’s harmless, but so annoying.  Anyway, Spike and I are over her little activities and need a break from her and her shenanigans.  Today she went TOO FAR.

Do you know what the daffy old twit was doing all day today?   I am embarassed to tell you but she was decorating the house for Christmas – as in putting up Christmas lights all over the outside of the house in the front and on the garage door, too.   Did you hear me – I said CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, for God’s sake.  The Red Man may not have all of his ducks in a row, but he does know that today is the Ninth Day of October.   Hello, old woman, you have lost it for sure.   It’s not even Halloween, and you are putting up CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.   Now what in the hell has possessed her to work on this post-Thanksgiving project in October??!!

Several of the Worsham Street neighbors are wondering the same thing, let me tell you.   The Little Women of Worsham are perplexed and nervous but they are trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and I heard Slow tell one of them this afternoon she ‘s putting the lights up now so that the ‘Hood can enjoy them while we head back to Casa de Canterbuy and Pretty for the holidays.   Evidently we are leaving next week and riding back with Pretty who will fly down to pack up our gear and then we will blow this popsicle stand.  Pretty to the Rescue as usual and I am happy to hear we’re planning a Road Trip, but I dread to hear what Pretty says about the Christmas Lights.  I need a chill pill.

The reason this behavior makes me so nervous is I remember only too well when Granny Selma who was as old as dirt and is no longer with us used to bring out her BLUE Christmas tree WAY before Christmas.   Bless her heart.  She kept it in a closet fully decorated and then had someone help her drag it out every year.   Two things about this little tradition worried me.   One, the tree was BLUE which BLEW ( heh, heh )   my mind whenever I saw it because we all know even PRETEND Christmas trees should be GREEN and two, Granny S brought the tree out the first week in November.   Why did she do that?  you ask.  Nobody knows.   And now we never will.  Sigh.

So anyway I’m afraid apples don’t roll far from the tree, as the saying goes, and here we are in the Twilight Zone as we watch Slow acting a tad too much like Granny S, if you catch my drift.

Well, Sports Fans, Spike and I are trying to make ourselves little on this sofa and let the chips fall where they may.  We will rest up for whatever tomorrow brings, and The Red Man suggests you do the same because ready or not, tomorrow comes around early up in here.