Small Town Texas Version Of ESPN Game Day

OMG what’s up in the ‘Hood tonight?   Whoa Nellie, looks like  we got us our own Friday Night Lights up in here in the Piney Woods.   I’m talkin’ ESPN Game Day lookalikes and all the hoopla but tell Kirk and Lee not to worry about their jobs yet.   Let’s just say I’ll give these Dudes an E for Earnest but I’ll give the State of Texas an A for Amor for their Football.   I can hear the noise from the Bears Stadium right now up the road on one of my favorite Escape Routes – Texas Highway 105.  If we were walkin’ on Old Plantersville Road we could see the high school stadium lights but we’re not so we can’t.

Not Looking Good For The Home Team

So according to our ESPN clones, Montgomery has played Brenham 17 times and hasn’t won the first game so I’m not going to get my hopes up.  Of course The Red Man is nothing if not Loyal to the Locals so I will hope for a First-Ever Victory.   Shakespearian Aside:  Brenham 16   Montgomery 7  at halftime.  Uh, oh.  Here we go again.

Our Hometown Version Of Coach Taylor

(The Authentic Coach Taylor would never have facial hair)

Well Sports Fans for those of you who missed the critically acclaimed but widely ignored five seasons of the TV series Friday Night Lights, I hate it for you.   Pretty and the old woman Slow and the Pack watched four of the five seasons before we came to Texas and then Pretty watched season five at Casa de Canterbury with Paw Licker Annie and Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea.   Slow and Spike-a-roo and moi will have to finish it in South Carolina since we have no DVD player here, if you can believe any home in the 21st Century does NOT have a DVD player.   Shit house mouse.

Friday Night Lights in the ‘Hood and the weekend on the horizon!  Go get ’em Amigos…it’s your time to P-A-R-T-Y!!

Play me some travelin’ music and get me outta here Percy…

P.S.  Shakespearian Aside:  Brenham 23   Montgomery 7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Sigh.