Well Sports Fans I’ve missed visitin’ with you the past several days, but when Pretty packs your old Dodge Dakota and drives you north and east, you feel like you’ve been snatched through a keyhole and are just hangin’ on for dear life.  See for yourself.

Thank God For Rest Areas

(Somewhere in Missyprissy about half way from Worsham Street to Casa de Canterbury)

Thank God for Pretty

(Pretty understands the importance of leg stretching on a thousand mile trip)

Sweet Jesus.  This back seat is crowded.

Hey Old Woman In The Front Seat – Gimme Some Space Up In Here

That’s More Like It

Oh of course there’s SNACKS in the front seat…I’m sniffin’ candy and potato chips

(Snack Patrol runnin’ on empty in the back seat)

So all’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of sayin’ and here we are safe and sound in Gamecock Country.  Yep, I had my first walk in the  City “Hood this afternoon as the sun was goin’ down.   Don’t let the sun go down on me on the city sidewalks if you don’t mind.

I’m allowing the fragments of my mind to wander free while I walk

State Capitol Dome barely visible but we ain’t on Old Plantersville Road any more for sure

Get me outta here Percy…if you don’t claim your spot in the king-sized bed in Casa de Canterbury early, you find out you don’t have one.

P.S. The Ol’ Ball Coach had a tough day in The Swamp this past Saturday.  Not much of a homecoming reception.  Don’t let the sun go down on the Gamecocks’ football season either please, for Pretty’s sake.