Okay, okay…so I know I’m late catchin’ up with you and clearly it’s Game Day somewhere with the ESPN boys and I know the Gamecocks need a Redemption Game Big Time against Tennessee today and if Tennessee is in the House they’re bringin’ that ol’ coon hound Mascot of theirs and they’ll be playin’ their obnoxious theme song Rocky Top over and over again, but I’m savin’ my rantsandraves for that until AFTER the game, unless somebody has an objection.  Well, and even if they have one, too bad.

I’ve got bigger problems than football today.

Granddog Sadie Visited Last Night

It’s not like we’re running outta dogs up in Casa de Canterbury for God’s sake.  Oh no oh no oh no.   Not by a long shot.   So Number One Son shows up last night bringin’ his own personal coon hound Sadie who it turns out just LOVES fresh meat from Texas in the form of The Spikester Man.   They ran and ran and played and played and played until I was exhausted just watchin’  them.

Deliver me from Company

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea Guards Her Favorite Ball

while Pretty pets Smokey Lonesome Ollie

Pretty’s Toasted Cheese Sandwiches are the Hit of Any Party

Hope springs eternal for Sadie, Ollie, Paw Licker Annie and Spike

Sometimes you have to rise above the fray

The old woman Slow says we remind her of one of her Doris Day movie favorites from the 60s.  With Six You Get Eggroll  which was Doris Day’s last feature film and that should tell you something right there, but Slow remembers that decade through rose colored glasses anyway.   Pretty says we’re more like the TV show Eight is Enough which The Red Man has renamed Eight is Too Many.  Seriously, Sports Fans, six dogs and two lesbians at Casa de Canterbury make a CROWD.

But all’s well that ends well, as I like to say and like any other good granddog, Sadie goes home with Number One Son and Pretty Two.

Spike and Chelsea return to their sofa…

and the rest of us breathe a sigh of relief.

Have a great weekend, Amigos and may all your favorite teams win unless of course you’re a Volunteer!

Get me outta here Percy…