Well, Sports Fans, there is no joy in Mudville tonight or at Casa de Canterbury either.   The Red Man’s Most Favorite Cock Marcus Lattimore went down on the ground at Williams Brice Stadium this past Saturday during the Tennessee game and was unable to get up.   Couldn’t get up.   That’s right.   Down on the ground and left the field on a cart because his right knee is ruined.   Season over for the Big Man Marcus and possibly NFL career on the line.  The Red Man and the rest of the Pack were very sad.   Very, very sad.

Monster Man Number Seven Jadeveon Clowney Joins Other Warrior Worriers As Trainers Take Care Of Marcus

Gamecock Worriers swarm to side of fallen teammate who told them at team meeting on Friday night:

“Play each game as if it is your last”

And so The Red Man and the rest of the gang at Casa de Canterbury in Columbia send a volley of Paw Snaps and Twirls to our fallen warrior Number Twenty-One Marcus Lattimore to help cheer him up as he waits for the best Medicine Men who will try to make his body strong to match the strength of his mind.  The Spirit of The Red Man will be with you.

And as if this news wasn’t bad enough, now we have a hurricane named Sandy to worry about as it makes its way to our neighbors in the Northeast.  Geez Louise.  Never name a hurricane after Little Orphan Annie’s dog.   It’s bad luck.  Be safe, Amigos in the path of destruction…keep your Pups and other dependent ones close because they’ll be very afraid as the winds howl and waters roar.

Get me outta here Percy…I may have to give up watching television…

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