Happy Halloween to all of our Amigos and Sports Fans from Pretty and the old woman Slow and the Pack at Casa de Canterbury!  We’re waiting for the Trick or Treaters at our house tonight because we have tons of the Best Treats from The Mast General Store where Pretty works.  Yep, Slow saddled up the old Dodge Dakota this afternoon and drove on over to the GS and WOW…take a look at Pretty at work!!

Pretty is hard at work today in her mercantile department at the Mast General Store

and she is dressed up for Halloween…S-C-A-R-Y!

Slow brought a Big Bag of Treats home…

and now we’re all set so ya’ll come on by to see us!!

Get me outta here Percy – I hear the sounds of ghosts and goblins coming up our sidewalk at Casa de Canterbury…catch up with you later cyberspace Trick or Treaters – wish you were here!