So Halloween is over and the old woman Slow had us positioned for the onslaught of Trick or Treaters at Casa de Canterbury Wednesday night and sure enough, we had HORDES of the little and sometimes big munchkins droppin’ by for Candy Treats for their goodie bags.   Spike was in his crate, and I was locked behind the baby gate so neither of us could really see the countless goblins who showed up.  We did, however, hear them.  We also heard Smokey Lonesome Ollie who was locked upstairs in the bedroom which is where he stays all the time anyway but he prefers that to be HIS choice, if you don’t mind and he will bark incessantly if it isn’t his choice.

Oh and where, you may ask, were Paw Licker Annie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea?  Well, I hate to cry discrimination, but I find it very strange that the Girl Dogs were not confined on Halloween Night and roamed free during the nocturnal visits, but the Boy Dogs were confined to quarters.   Boo to you, too, you daffy old twit.  Shit house mouse.

At any rate, I heard Slow oohin’ and aahin’ over the costumes ad nauseam but she was taken aback when a little boy dressed in what she told Pretty later looked like a burlap bag with an assortment of different colored materials sticking out from the burlap at various points on his body.  The burlap covered his entire tiny blonde self from head to toe and an adult friend dressed as Sir Elton John was also visiting at Casa de Canterbury that night and on the porch with Slow when the little boy came up and Elton John asked him if he was a pile of leaves which must’ve been a good guess but the little boy gave a long sigh of disdain and announced with authority that he was a Burrito Vampire.  He took his candy and left in a huff.  Slow and Elton John were speechless for that one, let me tell you.

Meanwhile on Worsham Street in Texas it appears the annual Halloween hay ride and partying took place without our being there, if you can believe that and one of the Little Women of Worsham Street sent pictures to prove it.  Here’s what was happening in the “Hood in Texas while we had a Burrito Vampire on the porch in South Carolina.  The Huss Brothers were on the prowl  in the ‘Hood.

Number Three Huss Son in his Halloween hat and booties…

and unimpressed with festivities

Number One Huss Son delighted by a fresh chocolate cupcake

Number Two Huss Son processing the whole Halloween experience

Well, Amigos looks like all’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of sayin’ and we rush forward to an upcoming Election for Peep in Chief next week followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah and the end of the year.   Before you can say Burrito Vampire, the year will be gone.

Get me outta here Percy…I’ve got football to watch and need to write my letter to Santa Claus to let him know what I want for Christmas this year…have a great weekend, Sports Fans and may all your favorite teams win (including my rugby teams in Australia!)…