OMG, is it FINALLY time to VOTE in these United States tomorrow??  Sweet Jesus.  What will we ever watch on our TV when the political commercials are but a distant memory and we can get back to selling something useful like cars or pizza or mingling Christians.   I’ve seen the commercial about the Chinese owning the Americans so many times now I know when to laugh at the final punch line.   Okay, that worries me on too many levels.

The Old Woman Slow told Pretty to vote early and often,

but Pretty wasn’t in this line of early voters today in Columbia, SC

Alas, Pretty hasn’t been in any of the long lines at the Richland County polling place yet so she will be in line tomorrow on the regular Election Day.  Of course Slow voted weeks ago in Texas through the mail.  That’s what old Peeps do these days when the lines are too long and they can’t stand for eight hours like the pitiful Peeps in Florida do.  Imagine all those Peeps in Florida rotating from one bad hip to another while they wait in line.  Shit house mouse.  I hope they’ve got a counting system down there that works this time.

And speaking of counting systems, how about the New Jersey Governor declaring all new rules for voting because of the mess they’re in from Hurricane Sandy.  The Red Man is very sympathetic with the Peeps who’ve been so hard hit and now have to worry about a national election on top of everything else.   We’re sending paw snaps and twirls to all of our friends who are down but not out.

That’s what you’ve got to admire about these Peeps.  They may get down sometimes but don’t think for a minute they’re out.  They honestly believe every vote counts and they go at it with clear eyes and full hearts.  Can’t lose.  I stole this from Friday Night Lights btw and am using it without their permission like everyone else does.

I myself believe in a higher power of persuasion.

Get me outta here Percy, it’s Election Eve and we Party up in here tonight!

Yee Haw – Let’s Vote tomorrow!!