Williams Brice Stadium – Home of the Gamecocks

Well, Sports Fans, it’s been a Huge Day in college football and of course we’re on top of things thanks to our bleacher seats in the den at Casa de Canterbury.   Yep, yep, yep.  We are a Pack in the Know, if you will.

Suck Up Spike and Paw Licker Annie watch the South Carolina/Arkansas Game Today

Hmm…apparently the Game of American Football hasn’t captured Spike’s imagination yet – give him a few more years…it grows on you

So the Cocks played the Hogs at Williams Brice Stadium this afternoon and did a good job of Protecting Their House – they sent The Red Man’s personal favorite Jadeveon Clowney (#7) on a mission to re-position… the Arkansas QB and he did so on a regular basis.  Fear JC.

Ouch – who was that Masked Man? 

Hi, ho Silver away?  Nope, not so fast my friend…I’m afraid it was #7 chasing you to the ground.  Leader of the Defense that held the Hogs to 20 points while the Leader of the Offense #14 Connor Shaw passed and ran and stayed focused on touchdown drives that generated a respectable total of 38 points for the victory.   Soueeeeee Hogs, gotcha today.

QB One for the Cocks – Connor Shaw

And the man who Rules the Sidelines is the Ol’ Bald Coach who had a few tricks up his sleeve like the call on 4th and 6 where he goes for it and gets a TD instead of the first down.   Now that’s how to dial it up Coach.

The Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier after the win

He’s a sly one, and don’t you forget it

Well, Amigos, the Cocks cruise but Bama got Beat by the Aggies in Tuscaloosa so that’s a Big Upset for all of you scorekeepers out there and the Polls will have a new Number One at the top.  Unroll Tide.   Missouri beat Tennessee after four overtimes and that makes me exhausted to think about.  Four overtimes.  They might as well play another whole game.   Shit house mouse.

And finally, The Red Man’s condolences to the old woman Slow and the Longhorn Nation on the passing of Coach Darrell Royal this week.  The state of Texas mourned the loss of a legend and the ‘Horns whipped Iowa State in memoriam today.  Hook ’em.

Get me outta here Percy…I’ve been up since five o’clock this a.m. and I need to catch a few zzzz’s.  Better check out the sleeping situation tonight…I prefer a Pillow if you don’t mind and those go for a Premium up in here…