The Red Man Reads

At long last, the book no one’s been waiting for

except the Old Woman Slow who wrote it

I’ll Call it Like I See It: A Lesbian Speaks Out

So now I am shamelessly coerced into promoting the new book by my editor who has threatened to go on strike if The Red Man refuses to promote her book in Prime Time.  I am including a brief synopsis of the book here and encourage you to click on one of the two links shown on the right and purchase one or more paperbacks or Kindle edition.  As a Special Promotion,  I am authorized to say that the first six customers who purchase three or more paperback copies (think Holiday gifts!) will receive a complimentary copy of Volume I of The Red Man – His Own Story in Pictures.  Now that sounds like a deal!

     “I’ll Call It Like I See It: A Lesbian Speaks Out is a collection of reflections on today’s challenging contemporary issues as seen through the eyes of a seasoned Southern woman who speaks her mind.  Rich with the mixture of wit and wisdom that is the tradition of Texas women storytellers, no stone goes unturned.  From faith to football, from finance to fantasy – the topics are as diverse as the author’s background…the book is about change and the willingness to move outside a personal comfort zone regardless of age.  The author is a lesbian who speaks out for those who came before her and for those who will come after her but her voice is authentic and her messages ring true for today.”

The Old Woman Slow, the Author

Sheila Morris is the author of two previously published award-winning memoirs

Deep in the Heart – A Memoir of Love and Longing 

and Not Quite the Same

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