Smokey Lonesome Ollie

Looking as good as possible

Paw Licker Annie

Bless her heart (and horrible-looking paw)

The Spikester

Exhausted from jumping the fence and running away today –  so what’s new?

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Moi

That Sistah covers an ottoman, doesn’t she?

Well, Amigos, looks like we can’t avoid it – the Holiday Season in the United States is in full swing.  Halloween’s in the history books if anybody is still writing histories these days and this week we’re celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and I have to say this one has sneaked up on me.  Yep, just sneaked up on me unawares but not to be one who doesn’t adapt well, The Red Man sends his traditional Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of our friends in cyberspace.

Looking back I see this is our third Thanksgiving together – can you believe it and I am thankful for all of you old and new Sports Fans who hang in here for our rants and raves.  Love ya and really mean it.

In case anyone is interested, Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving but has a different day.  It was the second Monday in October and I’m sorry I missed that party but my editor is worthless.  The old woman Slow is supposed to keep up with things like International Holidays but clearly missed the boat.  Oh, yeah…Wikileaks also informed me that Germany, Grenada, Korea, Japan, Liberia, The Netherlands and Norfolk Island way over in Australia have variations of Thanksgiving holidays, too.  Thank God for Wikipedia or I wouldn’t know a thing.   I swear you can’t get good help these days so we all rely on the world-wide web.

Here’s how our Thanks go at Casa de Canterbury.   Ollie is thankful for Annie and cheese.  Annie is thankful for Pretty.  Pretty is thankful for Annie and Chelsea who is  thankful for all food and tennis balls.    Spike is thankful for Chelsea and any fence he can climb.   The old woman Slow is thankful for Pretty and her king-sized bed and her old Dodge Dakota pickup truck and her new book.   Pretty is thankful for the old woman Slow, too, and her days off from the Mast General Store so she can spend time with her dogs and  Slow and play tennis on Monday nights and go to yard sales on Saturday a.m.   Hmmm…who does that leave to be thankful for moi?  Paw Snaps!!  Of course EVERY ONE is thankful for The Red Man who is thankful for Percy who gets me outta here on a regular basis.

So get me outta here Percy one more time and Happy Thanksgiving to our Amigos wherever you are and whether you’re having a holiday or not go ahead and Party…

The Red Man Rests