…we will Fear No Tigers!

Archrival Clemson Fans – Death Valley Stadium early in the first quarter

Well, Sports Fans, The Red Man has to hand it to the Cocks for their Big Win over their in-state archrival the Clemson Tigers who they have now beaten four straight years which hasn’t been done since 1951-1954 so you can see what a Big Deal it is.

Cock Coach Steve Spurrier a/k/a The Ol’ Ball Coach knows what he’s doing

So we all realize the Gamecocks have a great coach who deserves a shitload of credit for the victories over Clemson the past four consecutive games and The Red Man is the first to acknowledge this Very Important Peep Coach.  Paw Snaps and twirls to you VIP Coach – this victory made you the winningest coach in South Carolina history and it also makes you officially our Favorite Cock Coach Ever.  Pretty and the old woman Slow just love you to pieces and I can remember not too many years ago when they couldn’t stand the ground you walked on while you paced the sidelines in The Swamp.  Football makes strange bedfellows when the Fickle Finger of Fate makes coaching changes in the Southeastern Conference.

But The Red Man also sings the praises of Usually Unsung Heroes in the Clemson defeat this year.

Monster Man Jadeveon Clowney fears no Tigers

He had 4 1/2 sacks on the I- don’t- think- you’re- gonna- win- the- Heisman QB Tajh Boyd

Okay, so Jadeveon Clowney isn’t really an unsung hero, but he’s my personal favorite so I can include him anyway.

Bruce Ellington – first of two TDs – this one looked like an Olympic gymnastics floor routine

Kenny Miles – Came in as running back  # 2 when we lost Lattimore 

Mike Davis – Came in as running back # 3 when we lost Kenny Miles

Jadeveon Clowney in his stance

He now has 12 1/2 sacks this season which is a school record for the Cocks

Dylan Thompson QB 2 who played his second game as a starter – ever

I’m just sayin’

Ace Sanders – he can run, he can catch and he scored a TD for the Cocks

Nick Jones – watch out – three Tigers and a Gigantic Tiger Paw are after you

Guess Who and guess what just happened?  Ding, ding, ding – Sack Time

Cocks Win 27 – 17 for the Four Peat and the Ol’ Ball Coach loves it

Clemson Fans in 4th Quarter – Uh, Oh

Yea though we pass through the Valley called Death, we will fear no Tigers.

Get me outta here Percy…we’ll keep the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury warm for the Bowl Games…thanks to the Sung and Unsung Cocks for a Fun Season!