Well, shit house mouse.    I could’ve sworn it was already Christmas…

Isn’t this damned thing supposed to be a Christmas cactus?

The Christmas cactus is blooming to beat the band in our office at Casa de Canterbury…hello…HELLO…that’s a Holiday Sign if i ever saw one.

And the Carolina Country radio station we listen to daily ad nauseum plays Christmas carols all day long.  Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad blah blah blah…oops…checking the calendar and The Red Man sees 25 shopping days left until the actual Holiday celebrated by Peeps all over the world as the day the Jolly Ol’ Ho Ho Peep pops around bringing gifts to the good little boys and girls and their equivalent adults.  So naturally I thought that Christmas was imminent with the Christmas cactus blooming and the radio playing the sounds of the season.

BTW, was anyone listening when the old woman Slow embarassed herself a few days ago and CALLED IN to request a song?  Sweet Jesus.  And she wasn’t asking for a Christmas tune, let me tell you.  Nope, she wanted to hear Garth Brooks sing The Dance.  Oh, brother.   Talk about a Downer, but the dj was a good sport and played it anyway.  I’m not sure what’s worse.  When she calls in to the sports talk shows or when she calls the country music stations.  At any rate, she needs to get a life.  She’s always like this when there’s a lull in awards shows and mega sports events.

The Red Man at work

So Best Wishes to my Amigos this night and relax – it’s a long time until Christmas.   Shop on.