Yeah, well, I guess all my Amigos in cyberspace remember Granny Selma lived with the two Sisters in Willis in the last months before she went to the Great Wherever in April, 2012, which is a mere 8 months ago if anyone is counting and  of course the only one who is is the old woman Slow since Granny S was her only mother and was as old as dirt when she left us and didn’t have her right mind for the past several years, if you catch my drift.  I mean whenever I visited her she always said Oh there’s that cute little dog Fred or Ted but never Red.  Granny S was a trip even before she woke up in a new world every day.  Sigh.  But I miss her unintentional tomfoolery.

So she had these two friends who lived with her at the Sisters’ house and one of the Sisters called Slow this afternoon to tell her Miss Virginia had joined Granny S in the Great Wherever this week.


Miss Virginia was the oldest of the Three Musketeers and  on her way to being 90 in ten days

She was as clever as could be and quizzed Slow about her lack of a husband and never quite grasped the concept of Slow and Pretty.  Oh well, she didn’t really care that much anyway.  Mostly, she loved to talk about West Virginia and what it was like to live there when she was growing up and how she’d really like to go back for a visit.  She was ok with having her picture taken but never smiled because she wasn’t too proud of her teeth.  As a matter of fact, she was fond of taking them out and placing them in a napkin when she wasn’t using them.  When Granny S was impossible, though, it was Miss Virginia who fussed around her and tried to be nice but never met with a lot of success.   Slow says it’s good Miss Virginia will be home tomorrow.


Miss Ann was the sweetest of The Three Musketeers

Miss Ann was the second Musketeer to call it a day after Granny S this year.   She was the youngest of the three and wouldn’t have been interested in a Great Wherever if there were no cookies or candy so Slow assumes it must be a Land of Chocolate Chips and Toffee instead of milk and honey because Miss Ann never passed up a sweet in the afternoon right before she announced it was time to leave to meet her daddy outside.  Yep, you could set your watch that it was three o’clock when she started gathering her purse and telling us all goodbye and that she’d see us later at which point one of the Sisters would have to point out she had no car and her daddy wasn’t there.   This invariably brought a look of disappointment but then she’d sit back down to have a bite of cake.  Miss Ann was beautiful.


Granny S  in her place at the Sisters’ house and looking happy

So there you have it.  Granny S and the other two Musketeers who shared a home with the two Sisters in a little town in Texas have all gone away in the same year to the Great Wherever and may even at this moment be watching Wheel of Fortune on a big TV with surround sound and discussing Vanna’s too-short dress.  Miss Virginia is solving the puzzles.  Granny S is reading the words in the commercials.  Miss Ann is having dessert.

Get me outta here Percy…I’ve got a lotta work to do tonight to cheer up the old woman Slow…she’s a wreck…