So Pretty got home late last night from a very long day at the Mast General Store and wanted to watch the last two episodes of Homeland on demand so we’d be all caught up and ready to see the final two episodes on Showtime tonight but the old woman Slow demanded to watch the Heisman Trophy presentation Live from New York and at first I misunderestimated what she said and thought we were going to watch a documentary on Beer.  Heisman…Heineken…blah blah blah.  But I might’ve known it would be something about football.  She’s going through withdrawal following the conference championships during the lull before the Bowl Games and was so desperate she actually watched the Army/Navy game yesterday afternoon which as we all know in the US of A is the Military’s Version of the Super Bowl.  I’ve never seen so many uniforms in one place in my life.  Happy Navy ones – Unhappy West Point ones.  Even the Biggie US Peep VP  was there which made me very nervous after watching what happened to the VP on Homeland.

Awards, awards and more awards.   Tis the Season and we might as well get ready for it.  If it’s not football, it’ll soon be the Golden Globes and then the March to the Westminster Kennel Show and Onward to the Oscars.   Sweet Jesus. There’s no end to how American Peeps think of ways to reward themselves.


What’s this?  New Year’s Eve already?

Nope – Heisman Trophy – We Party!

As our Dutch friend says Americans know how to do spectacles and announcing the winner of the Top Dog Award for College Football is clearly a SPECTACLE  in the Big Apple.   Geez Louise.  Please…we’re talkin’ a Game here…not the Nobel Prize.  Oh well.   What’s the harm of a little fun plus New Yorkers just know how to throw a shindig.


Our Three Finalists

Okay so the votes were counted and three guys and their significant others were invited to the Party.  Notre Dame’s Demon on Defense Manti Te’o had a trophy year and collected several already for his Bad Boy Self.  He wore a lot of flowers because he’s originally from Hawaii and he’s also an LDS which makes him kin to Peep-In-Chief Wannabe Mitt Romney somehow because he’s an LDS also.  Big year for the LDS. Let’s give ’em an Award why don’t we?   Collin Klein was QB1 at Kansas State and didn’t wear flowers and isn’t an LDS but he was VERY TALL so the peeps who sat behind him couldn’t see much of the ceremony.  The little peep in the middle was Texas A & M’s contribution to the group and turned out to be THE WINNER of the Heisman for 2012.


Well, I Never.

Shut my mouth and call me a Feminist

Wake me up because I must be dreamin’.  A Female Peep passed out the Prize for the Premiere Event.  Next thing you know they’ll be wantin’ to actually PLAY the game.   Tsk. Tsk.  Title IX surprises you when you least expect it.   Not so fast my friend Anne Donahue.  Take a look around you Sister.  The only women in this place are mothers, wives, girlfriends and old lesbians who finagled a ticket, but then you gotta break a ceiling any chance you get so The Red Man salutes you with Paw Snaps for bein’ a Talkin’ Trustee for the Heisman.


Gig ‘Em!

The Youngest Winner Ever

And Happy Belated Birthday to Johnny Manziel a/k/a/ Johnny Football to his Amigos.  He just turned twenty years old last week which makes him the youngest winner ever. I mean, since the whole Heisman thing got started in 1935.   Not bad for a kid from Kerrville, Texas who is a redshirt freshman which means he’s been in college for two years but is just now in his first football year.   The Red Man salutes you as you take your place among the Old Ones who Slow saw on TV and remembered with pleasure their Glory Days.  John David Crow…Tony Dorsett… Gamecock George Rogers…Doug Flutie…Mike Rozier…Eddie George…and of course Earl Campbell from her UT alma mater.  The Daffy old twit took a trip down Football Memory Lane during the show and that’s about the only trip she’s up for these days, if you catch my drift.


Earl Campbell – 1977 Heisman Winner from Tyler, Texas

But behind every Heisman Winner there’s a story and The Red Man sees all and guesses all from what he sees and last night Paul Manziel and his wife Michele who are the parents of their little boy Johnny had a night they’ll never forget.


This is my son who just won the Heisman








Yep Dad I just won the Heisman and I’m on TV

and I look just like you

Paul Manziel’s boy Johnny Football won the Heisman Trophy and I’m exhausted today.  These awards are hard work for me but I know all my Sports Fans are glad I’m up for it.   Right now I need to help Slow research a certain tree which one of our Australian Amigas told us about.  It’s called the Chocolate Pudding tree because its fruit tastes like guess what?  Chocolate pudding…get me outta here Percy…I’ll pick up football happenings when the Bowl Season starts…