Oh, you better watch out.  You better not pout.  Better not cry, I’m tellin’ you why.   Santa Claus is comin’ to town. Fa la la la la…la la la la.

Swell.  Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas himself is comin’ to Casa de Canterbury, and The Red Man is feelin’ a tad poorly so we have all this Huge Drama goin’ on at our casa today.  Yep,  wouldn’t you just KNOW the old woman Slow would drag me off to Hottie Doc’s clinic on the fifth day before Christmas.  ‘Twas the Fifth Day Before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirrin’ …except Slow who apparently is a hypochondriac to the nth power and it’s the trickle down theory in operation.  Pretty calls Slow a Hypo Homo.  Heh, heh.  That Pretty is such a jokester.  At any rate, Slow worries over the least little medical situation and that trickles down to The Red Man.  I mean, it wasn’t like I was dyin’ or anything, but I have been a little off my game the past several days.   Hence, my visit to Four Paws Animal Clinic today.

Hottie Doc wasn’t available on such short notice so we saw Dr. Maloney who is normally a very nice vet but I wasn’t in the mood for vets on the Fifth Day Before Christmas.  And get this.  My diagnosis is Neck Pain which comes as little surprise to my closest friends who consider me a Pain in the Neck on my best days.  Shit house mouse.  So Dr. Maloney tells Slow she’s sending me home with two drugs, one anti-inflammatory and one muscle relaxer.  So far, so good I thought.  I’m not one to miss an opportunity for a Feel Good Pill.   But then she said it was most important that I rest for the next two weeks – no climbin’ stairs, no jumpin’ on and off furniture.  Crate rest ideal.

Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?   Crate Rest Ideal.  Oh yeah, for Who?   Okay, I can tell you the first problem with that recommendation is I don’t have a crate…


Take a look at my new crate

So Red, what’d you get for Christmas this year?

     Oh, I got a new crate and it appears I’ll be spending the remainder of this Holiday Season behind bars.

And a Merry Ho Ho to you, too, Dr. M.

It’s a good thing that woman sent drugs home with me because I am Beyond Pissed Off at this whole crate situation and they all better hope nobody forgets to give me my Happy Pills or The Red Man will make their nights unholy and un-silent.  Hey Santa, you might wanna skip Casa de Canterbury this year because God help you if I’m in a Crate when you come trundling in with our treats.


Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Paw Licker Annie could care less


Pretty loves Christmas

and The Red Man loves Pretty

so Pretty gets a pass on the Crate Catastrophe

Well, Sports Fans, my drugs have kicked in and I’m about to drift off to Dreamland where I can promise you I’ll be naughty with the Sugar Plums dancin’ in my head…catch you later on…when sleigh bells ring.