Good Golly Miss Molly – oneupsmanship be damned and full speed ahead for the 2013 Golden Globes which had a boatload of Memorable Moments including the appearance of former USA Peep in Chief Bill Clinton who introduced one of the nominees for best film of the year: Lincoln.   I mean even Yours Truly knows that former Presidents don’t usually appear on the Golden Globes which are voted on by foreigners anyway so this was a Big Night in Hollywood where all the stars are born.


Former Peep in Chief William Jefferson Clinton

(Apparently having a former President introduce you doesn’t guarantee a win)


Hottie Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Okay, so The Red Man is a Tina Fey Fan from way back to the SNL days  and always thinks she’s F-U-N-N-Y.  She didn’t disappoint me as a GG host and I liked the other girl, too.  I liked it most when they Don Rickled the stars.  Everybody laughed and laughed…


Mandy Potemkin from Homeland laughed


Julianne Moore laughed a lot


She could afford to laugh because she won a GG Best Actress Award for Game Change

She and Tina Fey are like Sorority Sisters because they both played Sarah Palin in different shows.  They could name their sorority Pie Kappa Sarah Gamma.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.


Good food, champagne and the Very Important Peeps  had a Hollywood version of a Hoedown


Salma Hayek didn’t win anything, but who cares?  Cowabunga!!


Stephen Spielberg didn’t win, either…

but he was all smiles when Former President Clinton introduced his Lincoln


Will Farrell and Kristen Wiig brought the house down when they introduced

Best Actress in a Movie  – GET OUTTA HERE!


Dustin Hoffman laughed


Quentin Tarantino raved madly during his acceptance speech

as the son of Michael J. Fox who looks just like his daddy

and the daughter of Clint Eastwood who looks nothing like her daddy

stare at the spectacle from stage right


Grace was there without Will


Rocky and Terminator Impersonators were presenters

(They kinda looked like them, but not really)


The Hosts had a few cocktails as the evening wore on,

changed dresses and kept everyone laughing


Well maybe not everyone – Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t amused

He should’ve won Best Sour Puss Award


Ben Affleck was happy to win Best Director for a motion picture which was …


that also won Best Motion Picture for 2012


Jodie Foster won the Cecil B. Demille Award

and gave a rambling speech in which she announced she didn’t have

a girlfriend currently so she wanted to thank Mel Gibson for all she was today.  Whatever.


Thankfully Daniel Day-Lewis gave an acceptance speech

that was Award worthy when he won Best Actor for Lincoln

(Just when I was about to give up on ’em)


Sigh.  I do give up. 

The Awards Season always exhausts me.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to save my strength for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament that’s already started since their yesterday is my tomorrow…shit house mouse…can anybody help me here?