C’mon Man are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?  Say it ain’t so Chris Culliver.   Seriously, dude…say it ain’t so.  You are a  SAN FRANCISCO 49er  runnin’ your mouth on Super Bowl Media Day about the gays?

The Red Man is doin’ Reverse Paw Snaps  and Twirls to let you know how pissed off he is when you show D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T for his Home Peeps.  When you start talkin’ trash about kickin’ gay players out of the NFL locker rooms and tellin’ the gays to stay in closets until they’ve been away from football for at least ten years, then you are Trash Talkin’ my Lesbian Peeps, too.   You hear me?  You are trash talkin’ the old woman Slow and Pretty who are also, btw, YOUR Home Peeps because they are Hello Earth to Chris Culliver: Gamecocks just like you.  That’s right.  Imagine their embarrassment when it couldn’t be just any ol’ dumbass football player trash talkin’ the gays.  Oh no, it had to be one of their own GAMECOCKS  to add insult to injury.

For the love of the Almighty Whoever, remember this rule.  If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.   Particularly on Super Bowl Media Day.  Even if for some reason known only to you, you actually live under a rock where you couldn’t hear the President of the United States say in his Inaugural Address  that ALL people are equal includin’ the gays or for some reason again known only to you that didn’t compute in your bigoted little pea brain, then shame on you.  But when you play for a team in a league that supports gay rights, you owe it to your team to keep your opinions to yourself.

C’mon man.

Get me outta here Percy…my blood pressure is off the charts…