When they first got together, some of  the Peeps said They’ll never make it and that was twelve years and three Pups ago…not so fast, my friends.


Pretty and Slow in Cancun twelve years ago this week


Slow and Pretty two years ago at Casa de Canterbury

Well, clearly I have been uninvited to any festivites this year because the old woman Slow’s gone to be with Pretty at Casa de Canterbury and Spike and I remain on Worsham Street so there you are.  Thank God for Lindsey who is takin’ care of us while the daffy old twit celebrates with Pretty.  Good for them.  To tell you the truth, I don’t mind a break for a few days and Lindsey gives me lots of attention which is more than I can say for some Peeps, if you catch my drift.

So Sports Fans, tomorrow starts the weekend and here’s hopin’ yours is all you want it to be and if you see Slow and Pretty, be sure to wish them a Happy Anniversary and many more.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m gonna do a little howlin’ at the moon tonight…