Oh, for God’s sake, PLEASE tell me this isn’t where you spent your twelfth anniversary weekend??


Pretty and the old woman Slow on their twelfth anniversary


The Carl Sanburg House??


Where was it?  Did you say East Bumfuck?

Ohhhhhh….East Flat Rock, North Carolina (Same difference)


And there were 44,000 books in his house?  Do tell.


So this is the room where he wrote?  On that little typewriter on the orange crate?

Well, I never.


 And this is where he slept?  Seriously??  Slept here?  Right here?


OMG, you mean he DIED in this room?

Pardon moi, but who in the hell was Carl Sandburg, and why would you want to spend your anniversary goin’ to a dead person’s house lookin’ at books?  Geez Louise.   Boring.  Super Boring.

So where did you go eat for your anniversary dinner?



From Cancun to the Green River  Bar-b-Que in twelve short years.  Shit house mouse.  I can’t wait for number 13 and yes, please don’t invite me to go with you ever again.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to dispense a pity pill…