Big Happenin’s in the ‘Hood.  The old woman Slow is scurryin’ around with the vacuum cleaner and toilet bowl brush plus OMG she’s got the furniture polish, too.  I’m sniffin’ company in the air.  Paw Snaps and Twirls and Loud Barks!  This must be the week Pretty’s comin’ for her visit!  I don’t know WHEN but I know for sure WHERE – she’s headed south and west to see The Red Man and I say Let the good times roll.


The Red Man and Spike on full alert waitin’ for Pretty


I’ll be a nervous wreck ’til she gets here


Oh Pretty, I’ve missed you so much


Hey Spike, have you heard if Pretty’s bringin’ anybody else?

Well, Amigos this will be a big week for us on Worsham Street and we’re hopin’ all of you have somethin’ to look forward to in the post-St. Patrick’s Day and pre-Palm Sunday week.  Elves and bunnies runnin’ off together into a sun that sets an hour later than it really is with basketballs swishing through hoops everywhere.  This March has seen more than its usual share of Madness.  Geez Louise.

Get me outta here Percy.  I need to prepare for Pretty Pets!