Well, Amigos, we have had a Huge Switch-a-roo on Worsham Street this week.  I know you will be stunned to read that Spike left with Pretty and Uncle Peep yesterday to ride a thousand miles to Casa de Canterbury in South Carolina and Paw Licker Annie and Smokey Lonesome Ollie stayed behind with the old woman Slow and moi in Texas.  I expect you are all wringin’ your hands in cyber space and sayin’ OMG I can’t believe it but yep, yep, yep it’s the Gospel truth according to The Red Man.


Don’t you be takin’ my picture when I’m gettin’ my Pretty Pets


I love Pretty – and Pretty loves The Red Man

Sometimes the Devil you know is better than the ones you don’t remember, but here I am stuck with Paw Licker Annie who is on Heavy Meds which is what I definitely remember about her from Casa de Canterbury plus the Perpetual Cone Head for her Eternal Lickin’.   Geez Louise.  Can’t she just get a life.  And of course, there’s always Mr. Personality Ollie.  D-U-L-L.  Sigh.  Sweet Jesus.  Let the good times roll.

So Sports Fans, let’s turn on March Madness for background noise this weekend, dye some politically incorrect white eggs for Easter and sniff around for hidden chocolate.  The Red Man, Pretty, Slow, Paw Licker Annie, Smokey Lonesome Ollie, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Spike all wish you a Happy Easter weekend filled with fun and sunshine and plenty of warmth to melt any leftover snow.  No snow left behind, if you catch my drift.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.

Get me outta here Percy before I talk about same-sex marriage and the Supremes…it’s such an obvious topic when you live with lesbians…maybe later.