Cloudy days make me nervous.  I’m thinkin’ thunder, I’m thinkin’ lightning, I’m thinkin’ torrential rain.  I’m thinkin’ hidin’ in a closet when hurricane force winds roar outside the casa and the electricity goes out. and the old woman Slow is lookin’ for the single flashlight we have.  Geez Louise.  Three smoke alarms– and one flashlight.  Whatever.  My point is today was a cloudy day in the ‘Hood, and I was nervous to start with and sensed a general foreboding in the air.

Slow was putterin’ around in the house and the usual time for our afternoon visit to the park came and went so I assumed we’d called it due to rain, or the potential for it anyway since the clouds were fake ones and we were dry.   But no, all of a sudden the daffy old twit took off her flip-flops and put on her walkin’ shoes and I went into my full paw snaps and twirls and barking at the top of my lungs until she took me outside to the Dodge Dakota pickup which already held the freshly groomed Smokey Lonesome Ollie and I was soon followed by the equally shaved Paw Licker Annie who now has to be lifted into the truck since she’s too decrepit to make it by herself any more.  SLOllie and PLAnnie got taken to the cleaners.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.


Paw Licker Annie in her new “do” and Bite Not Collar

PLAnnie drives Slow crazy with her OCD and one of the Little Women of Worsham loaned her a new Bite Not collar to try on PLA.  Hah.  That lasted for a day.  She’s back to the Cone Head today.  Sweet Jesus.  She’s like the Energizer Bunny on speed lickin’ those paws.  Help me, help me cry PLAnnie’s Paws.  Sorry, Charlie.  No can do.


Smokey Lonesome Ollie in his spring cut

Of course, The Red Man is never one to call attention to flaws, but check out the ears on the Big Guy.  And the eyelashes to cover his one blue eye and one brown eye.  Those eyes ain’t never been right.

So off we go for our regular walk in the park.  The West Montgomery County Park.  The same friendly place we’ve been hangin’ out in for the past three years.


Welcome To The Park Sign for the last three years

(Okay, so we fudged a little on the leash law when no one else was around)


New sign next to Welcome sign – we are now UnWelcome

Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?  C’mon Man…seriously?  That’s just downright rude and un-neighborly to say the least.   No Pets Allowed on the acres and acres of land behind the 9, count them with me, 9 assorted athletic fields to include baseball diamonds, football and soccer fields.  No Pets Allowed on all those days when there’s NO ONE ELSE in the park except the groundspeepers.  It’s like havin’ a church building that’s empty every day except on Sundays for the preachin’ and Wednesday nights for choir practice.  Hey, we pay our taxes up in here, too so we are throwin’ the bullshit flag on the new sign.


Never mess with an ol’ timer activist

Well Sports Fans, let’s hope they don’t lock us up out here in Texas and throw away the key.  In the meantime, The Red Man wishes all his friends in cyber space sunny skies this week.  Beware the cloudy days.

Get me outta here Percy…play me some travelin’ music…