The Red Man has received an award for his Rants and Raves from one of his cyberspace friends who writes Polysyllabic Profundities that always entertain us on Worsham Street and Casa de Canterbury.  We received this award from our good friend Wiley of Wiley’s Wisdom, too, so we thought we must accept since two of our Amigos had given it to us,  although we generally avoid recognitions so as not to falsely encourage the old woman Slow in her editing efforts.  She constantly asks for an increase in her salary, and awards of any kind are just the rationale she’ll use to hit me up again.  Shit house mouse.

But the “Family Award” I can’t refuse on so many levels.  It was started by someone who wanted to say what being a part of cyberspace had meant to her and what a family atmosphere existed in her WordPress World.  The Red Man agrees and also thanks our Sports Fans who have accepted our “family” during the past two and a half years and over 180,000 words.  (Yes, yes, I know.  Who but an ex-CPA would actually keep an ongoing WORD count on WORDPRESS??)   Pretty, Smokey Lonesome Ollie, Paw Licker Annie, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, Spike, the old woman Slow, Granny Selma who was as old as dirt and Aunt Sweetie Pie who have both crossed over into their own cyberspace, and The Red Man thank all of you for making our family a part of your family.

Acceptance of the Family Award requires us to nominate 10 others in addition to the friends who nominated us and so we give our Awards to the following friends who make us laugh, make us think, make us proud to be a part of their family.

A Lingering Wall

Dianne Gray

Human Writes

The K9 Miss Harper Lee

Animal Couriers

Long Life Cats and Dogs


Hollis Plample

The Family Kalamazoo

Leanne Cole

Get me outta here Percy…let’s go pop a cork…