Well Amigos the Good News is we made it to Casa de Canterbury this morning at 4:30 EDT after a 20-hour ride from Worsham Street in Texas.  The Bad News is we made it to Casa de Canterbury this morning at 4:30 EDT after a 20-hour ride from Worsham Street in Texas.


Loading up the old Dodge Dakota on Worsham Street


By the time we made our first stop, orange tarp blowing in the wind


First Stop: Crockett, Texas

Be sure you are right.  Then go ahead. – Davy Crockett

Taking a road trip with Pretty and the old woman Slow is like pulling taffy.  You pull and pull the candy when it’s warm and then you twist and turn it until it finally snaps and breaks off into a piece you can eat.  We rode and rode and we stopped and stopped to read historical markers and ooh and aah over building murals and I don’t know what all until my patience snapped and broke like taffy.


Camp Site – Camp Street – Camp Who Cares


The Six Flags of Texas flying over Davy Crockett Memorial

If you ask me and certainly no one has, I think it’s overkill for just a place where a man wearing a coonskin cap took a break on a trip from Tennessee to San Antonio.  Or was the coonskin cap the Daniel Boone guy?  Oh, well.  Close enough.


Sometimes we stopped at a park and Pretty took us sightseeing…


…but mostly, Pretty drove and Smokey Lonesome Ollie moped


Paw Licker Annie kicked Slow out of the front seat and rode shotgun


And The Red Man was the Navigator for 18 of the 20 hours on the road


Even the Navigator got tired

All I can say is that we were packed like sardines in that pickup cab for way too long and it was Too Close for Comfort, if you catch my drift.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to lay my weary head down on a pillow in this nice king-sized bed up in here tonight…catch you later, Sports Fans.