This morning I was up very early and when The Red Man doesn’t sleep well, Katie bar the door.  He gets very cranky and out of sorts.  He begins looking around for people, places and things that irritate him.   Hmmm…Paw Snaps and Twirls!  I know – it’s Joel Osteen.  The guy creeps me out with his smiley-smiley face and eternal cheerfulness.  Can I just say nobody is that cheerful for that many TV programs unless they’ve been drinking Vitameatavegamin for a while like Lucy.   I loved Lucy.  She was so believable.

Of course, Lucy didn’t tweet.  She couldn’t tweet because she lived in the World B.T.(Before Twitter).  Peeps before Tweets were real neat and not creeps.  The Red Man is a poet, and he knows it.  Heh, heh.

IF Lucy could’ve tweeted, she would’ve made sure she tweeted a correct email address for questions about her guests like Harpo Marx or William Holden or John Wayne or even The Mertzes or Little Ricky.  Yes, that Lucy was a stickler for details and you could’ve bet good money on her for a correct email address to show the love.

On the other hand, we’ve got the Main Man of Hope Joel Osteen who has a Night of Hope in Miami and he has 36,000 hopeful Peeps show up and another 138,000 hopefuls live streaming from the comfort of their own home bleacher seats.  Equally hopeful, however.   Sending in thousands of wants and needs and I don’t know what all to the Happy Joel  prayer request email address.  Just one problemo which is Spanish for problem.  Wrong email address.  Oops.  All those thousands of hopeful requests came back with the sad news “Delivery has failed permanently.”  Hopeless.

The Red Man hates disappointments of any size, but he particularly hates Hopelessness on a large scale and this little fiasco serves as a reminder of one of the Ten Commandments of Digi-vandalism:  Thou shalt not give out false email addresses, or it makes for one helluva social media mess.  If the road to Damascus is going to be a hyperlink and you want the linings of your pockets to be paved with gold, The Red Man says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Get me outta here Percy…I need to chill…have a good one Sports Fans and thanks for hanging with us…