Well, as I expected the old woman Slow brought photos from the Book Festival and I have to say I’m unimpressed.  As far as Festivals go, I was imagining flags waving, bands playing loud music, dancing in the streets and maybe even a parade like we have when the Gamecocks win the College Baseball Championships in Omaha every year. Okay. so it’s not EVERY year – but the last two out of three anyway.  Heh, heh.  A little sports trivia for the literary night.   At any rate, Festival equals  Party, right?   Uh, actually not so much.


Party in a special collections library?

Yeah, let’s go throw down in the Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library of the Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina.  Wow that just makes you want to toss on your best party outfit and boogie, let me tell you.  The Red Man’s thinking Rock Around the Clock for sure over at the EFHSCL at TCL.  You gotta wonder what they keep in their “special” collections or more importantly, what constitutes a collection.  They’re not talking Elvis memorabilia.


Pretty and Slow dressed to party


OMG, is that really Pat Conroy?


Pat Conroy and Pretty in the EFHSCL at TCL

Pretty’s favorite writer of all times is Pat Conroy so she was thrilled to talk to him at the Party.  This was a Magical Moment for her.  Hello Amigos in cyber space – note party background.  See any dancing?  See any bands?  See any Disco Balls?  They Rock Not.

Maybe things picked up on Saturday.  Slow was paneling somewhere so that must have been Group Fun.


Slow paneling on Saturday

The old woman looks all Serious when she talks about her books.  Boring.  Super Boring.  Hey, is that our Amigo Dr. Rogers Peep paneling with her?  Probably – he loves books, too – birds of a feather, etc.   Sigh.


Post paneling – Slow signs books

Pretty Too (#1 Son’s Pretty) and Pretty helped the old woman Slow sell her books


Pretty buys books faster than Slow can sell hers

So Sports Fans, this is what the high drama has been about for the past couple of weeks.  Frankly, I don’t see what the Big Deal was about a Festival without a parade or music or Jose Cuervo or some kind of excitement, but Slow has worked and worked on her talks and must have sold a few books because Pretty brought home a boatload she bought at the Festival.  Last night I heard them talking about what a great time they’d had at the Festival and how much they loved books.

Everybody to their own tastes.  That’s what the old lady said when she kissed the COW.

Get me outta here Percy…I need a shot of caffeine…hope the rest of your weekend is filled with contained excitement…catch you later, Sports Fans.