So it’s Memorial Day weekend and The Red Man joins with all the country in sending heartfelt Paw Snaps and Twirls to our military who served us in the past and those who are serving us now.  The old woman Slow and Pretty and the Pack at Casa de Canterbury are beyond grateful.   We.O.U.   Big time.

We also like to remember the Dogs of War on this special weekend and one of our favorite Amigas, Slow’s Texas cousin Billie, sent her these pictures of Sergeant Stubby.   I’m betting that most of The Red Man’s Amigos don’t even remember there was a World War I before there was a World War II, but a certain stray bull terrier named Stubby was smuggled onto a troop ship bound for France by Corporal Robert Conroy who found the dog when he was doing basic training in the Army at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut and decided he couldn’t leave his furry friend behind.


Sergeant Stubby and his buddies

Stubby served in France for 18 months alongside his buddies who were the boots on the ground in the 102nd. Infantry that fought in four offensives and seventeen battles.  During one battle he was wounded by an enemy grenade but he recovered and returned to the front beside Corporal Conroy.


Most Decorated War Dog of World War I

Stubby was promoted to Sergeant by his comrades during the war for his bravery during battle and returned to the USA as a hero with his friend Corporal Conroy.  After the war, he collected his spoils.  If you’re looking for Sergeant Stubby’s legacy, check out The Price of Freedom: Americans at War in the Smithsonian or take a look at his brick in the Walk of Honor at the United States World War I monument Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.


Enjoy the holiday weekend, Sports Fans – we’ll catch up with you next week…