Listen up Sports Fans – that crashing sound you hear are the records falling in men’s tennis.  Rafael Nadal won the French Open today for the Eighth time.  That’s right.  French Open # 8.  No other man has ever won a single major 8 times.  This is Bigger than a Big Deal and the old woman Slow couldn’t have been happier.


Rafa reaches for history


I think I can, I think I can


That shot was shitty, which is Spanish for shitty


OMG, I did it!!!


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea the only one watching with Slow

and she wasn’t too excited about it


It doesn’t get any better than this


David Ferrer holds runner-up trophy as Usain Bolt looks at trophy


David Ferrer’s parents were just thrilled for their son to be in the final


Rafa’s Uncle Toni very happy – still turning up collar


Well, first I want to say thank you,

Thank You Very Much!


To the Victor


The old woman Slow thinks Nadal looks like Elvis

Well Amigos if you noticed the favorite chair in the photo, it was empty today.  The Red Man had zero interest in tennis and couldn’t stand Slow’s angst over the Nadal final.  Thank God he won – I could hear her groans every time Ferrer hit a good shot.  I was upstairs with Smokey Lonesome Ollie and we were commiserating over the sports fanatics at Casa de Canterbury.  Shit house mouse.  The consequences of living with lesbians.

The Cocks won the second game of the Super Regional against North Carolina this afternoon so there’ll be another game tomorrow.  North Carolina hasn’t lost two games in a row all year.  Hmmm…I wonder.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m a Dog on the Edge of sports overdosing…somebody save me…