Shit house mouse.  Glum…gloomy Gus…Danny downer…H-E-L-L-O…you are bringing me DOWN…I’m talking WAY down…it’s like watching Old Yeller or Touched By An Angel or Imitation of Life over and over and over again with no popcorn…Sweet Jesus.  Don’t look for Kleenex tissues in any of the stores around Casa de Canterbury because they must be sold out.  Pretty and the old woman Slow are going through them muy rapido which is Spanish for very fast – as in fast forward through the commercials on the taped tv shows.  Sniff sniff another box bites the dust.


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Paw Licker Annie

stare into space.


Spike mopes around on the porch steps…bummer.

Okay.  I get it.  We’re sad.  We miss the Big Guy with the crazy one blue eye and one brown eye.  We’re feeling like Life has let us down.  We’re stunned he was here one day and gone the next.  Now we’re getting mad about it.   The Red Man can’t believe it, either, and he’s just as sorry about it as the rest of you.  Hey, but guess what?  I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, did I?  No, no, no.  And neither did Lynn Anderson when she sang that song a gazillion years ago.  So if nobody promised you a rose garden, I wouldn’t count on Life being a bed of roses.

Think I’ll stick with the philosophy of The Oak Ridge Boys:.  You’re always in my heart and in my mind…sometimes it makes me sad and  I’ll never let it die just as long as I’m alive…But I Guess it Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes.

Get me outta here Percy.  I need to find some upbeat Sports Fans or maybe contact Hottie Doc for an anti-depressant.  Fast forward.

P.S. Editor’s Note: All of us at Casa de Canterbury want to thank our friends for their messages, cards and phone calls during the last week.  Your words of comfort and sympathy have been very much appreciated by our family during this hard time.