Well Amigos, The Red Man has had a sequestration problemo which is Spanish for problem.  Yes, the old woman Slow has been in a funk and unable to work for me ever since Nadal lost in the first round of Wimbledon, and unfortunately, our budget cuts made it impossible to hire another Peep to replace her.  So we just had to wait her out until she finally came back to work today.   Worthless.

 We’ve been back in Texas for two weeks, and the first week I thought I was in HELL because the HEAT was killing me.  How hot was it, Red Man?  It was so HOT we could’ve fried an egg on the brick sidewalk in the front yard if we’d had an egg.  Farmer Dave who supplies us with fresh eggs said it was so HOT his hens weren’t laying any.  Shit house mouse.


Paw Licker Annie finds a dry spot in the front yard

I hope Pretty doesn’t see the water bill for Worsham Street this month.  Slow went out to water the lawn this morning but then got so overcome by the Del Potro and Djokovic semi-final at Wimbledon, she didn’t turn it off until it was over.  BTW, this semi was the longest in Wimbledon’s recorded history – over four hours.  Get the picture?


Juan Martin Del Potro at the end of the fourth set tiebreaker

which he won to take it to the fifth set


Novak Djokovic keeps his cool in the fifth set


In the end, Djoko kept his Mojo and saved himself with some unbelievable shotmaking.  Even The Red Man had to give him Paw Snaps and Twirls today for his play on the grass courts.

Meanwhile, back in the ‘Hood, a flurry of activity across the street from our casa was going on.  One of the Little Women of Worsham Street was on vacation from her regular job but working like a Tasmanian Devil on her front porch.


Keep up the good work – looking great!


Fourth of July across the Street


Old Glory flies at our casa


The Lone Star Flag of Texas


The Red Man’s personal Red crape myrtle


The vacant lot across the street – possibly haunted


Worsham Street in the summertime

Sigh.  Get me outta here Percy – I’ve got to catch up with the Murray/Janowicz semi to see who’ll play Djokovic…not to mention I need my rest before the unlikely final for the women tomorrow.  Lisicki.  Bartoli.  Sweet Jesus.  What were the odds?  Have a great weekend, Sports Fans!