Thank you so much to all of our Amigos in cyberspace for your good wishes on the successful resolution of our Montgomery Manhunt.  The Red Man is pleased to report that both fugitives were apprehended last night around midnight which appears to be the magic hour for criminals to make their moves.  Of course, the ‘Hood has been in a flurry of excitement throughout the search.

The lights on Worsham shone as bright as the Las Vegas Strip last night.  Seriously.  Every one of the little houses had all their outdoor lights on from sunset to sunrise this morning.  and one of the Little Women of Worsham Street even came to spend the night with us.   We stayed up until the wee hours reviewing our situation.  Texts and phone calls were flying back and forth from other Little Women and the old woman Slow frequently checked out the Montgomery County Police Reporter online.   We were on High Alert.


City Police up early today

Before 8 o’clock this morning Slow received word from another Little Woman that both suspects were now in custody and we could all breathe a collective sigh of relief except for one tiny problemo which is Spanish for problem…the GUN…was still missing.  The policeman was at our neighbor’s house right that minute looking for the suspect’s gun which he said the alleged criminal had tossed near the shed where he’d been hiding all day yesterday on WORSHAM Street.  Evidently one suspect hid on our side of Highway 105  and one took the other side.  Why they split up is a mystery, but they somehow got back together last night and were caught walking  west toward Navasota.


Montgomery City Police our heroes


Gilbert looking for peace and quiet again at his yard

which was repeatedly searched by police

Many versions of where the suspects really were all day yesterday are racing around the ‘Hood today but no matter which version you believe, let’s just say they were in spitting distance of our house and a little too close for comfort.  The GUN was recovered by the police later this afternoon in a field behind Phil’s Steakhouse across Highway 149 from the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store which is Slow’s favorite store in Montgomery.

All’s well that ends well, which is one of The Red Man’s favorite sayings, and we can say for sure things have settled back down to normal.  Almost.  Worsham Street has had the most traffic this afternoon since the time there was a wedding last year at the Jehovah’s Witness Church on Old Plantersville Road.  People oozing by in their pickup trucks and suvs and trying to look for house numbers to see which shed the bank robber with the gun hid in.  We are practically famous.  Houston TV crew and all, thank you very much.

Slow’s cousins who have the condo on Lake Conroe drove over tonight for Margarita Happy Hour at Big Sombrero and to have a tour of the scene of the ‘Hood.  They sat on the front porch and rocked and talked before they left to eat supper and count on a silver-haired drawling Texan to boil it down for us.  He leaned his tall frame back against the white rocker that was the same color as his hair and said,

“Well, you’ve had a month’s worth of excitement in the last two days over here on Worsham.  You won’t see the likes of this crime spree anytime soon.”

Get me outta here Percy…the old woman’s feeling the effects of her Jumbo Mango Margarita and I’m not quite myself either.