now you don’t.   Jump down, turn around, don’t bother to pick a bale of anything because we couldn’t take it with us anyway.   If you can believe this, without any warning at all, the crazy old woman Slow packed up a truck load of stuff  in the temperamental Dodge Dakota plus moi and Paw Licker Annie and zoom!  Shit house mouse.  We were on our way home to Casa de Canterbury.  Nobody riding shotgun.  Just the three of us.

Let me just say that my head is spinning and my nerves are shot after that fur-raising thousand mile ride this week.

annie and red in truck

One’s a party – two’s a crowd

How bad could it be, you ask.  Well,  we wandered around in Nacogdoches, Texas for so long that I know every street in that town plus the campus of Stephen F. Austin University much better than I’d like to.  It was SO bad Paw Licker Annie and I sat bunched up together in the passenger side of the Dodge Dakota and prayed for help.  FINALLY, the daffy old twit pulled over and got out the GPS.  That’s right.  We had the danged GPS all along but she kept telling us she didn’t need that thing – she knew her way around Nacogdoches.  Whatever.

We drove and drove and drove some more and made it to Vicksburg, MissyPrissy and stayed at the usual La Quinta pet-friendly hotel there on the frontage road off I-20.  I don’t mind telling you I was Big Time glad to get there.  After she checked us in at the desk she came to get us and all of her “stuff” out of the truck.  The Fickle Finger of Fate smiled on us and a nice young man with a pet-friendly smile asked if he could help her get situated.  I saw her think about it for about 10 seconds and then I could see her decide what the hell she needed the help and if he was a serial killer so be it.

By the time we diddled around outside for a minute the young man was waiting for us at our door with two suitcases, one large bag for the computer and Ipad, a giant-sized cooler with bottled and canned drinks inside, two large canvas bags with our cans of food and meds  and bowls for drinking and eating and another smaller traveling case with Slow’s meds and two sacks holding assorted chips and candies.  The young man looked exhausted.

How long are you staying, he asked politely.  One night, the old woman said and you could see the young guy’s expression of disbelief.  One night, he said back to her.  Well, have a nice evening.  Then he walked off muttering something I didn’t catch.

Yes, well, we did have a restful evening and then drove and drove and drove some more the next day.  When we at long last got home, Pretty was waiting for us and glad to see us.  Of course, The Red Man is always happy to see Pretty.  He misses her so much when he’s gone.  Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Spike  were mostly glad to see Slow.  They weren’t that overjoyed to see PL Annie and me.  You can’t have everything.

So now you’re caught up to date, and not only are we under the same moon as Pretty, we’re also under the same roof.  We bid a fond farewell to Worsham Street and the Little Women and the Huss Brothers, but we will see them again for sure in the future.

Get me outta here Percy…The Red Man wishes all his Sports Fans a Happy Friday…stay ready, be prepared for the unexpected and always pack your pills…